As the world grows more complex, so too does the challenge of understanding the intricate ways in which contemporary societies work.

Sociology is about exploring these building blocks of society. It’s the study of the connections that bind us together: families, organisations and social groups. Here at Dinnington High School we study social life, its characteristics, changes, causes and consequences and combine scientific and humanistic perspectives in the study of historical and contemporary features of social organisation. The course gives our students a deep understand how societies are created and how they change. They learn how educational attainment, ethnicity, gender and geography affects people’s place in society, including the resources they accumulate and the networks they build. Our Sociology students leave with a different view of other individuals and the world around them. This course is taught with a practical approach, enabling students to apply their everyday experience to key issues and to gain critical-thinking skills that help them understand the theories that underpin these issues.

Sociology is increasingly attracting the very brightest, most ambitious minds to apply their intellects to the study of large-scale social trends, the significance of key social institutions and the subtleties of everyday behaviour, lifestyles and identities.

Our sociology teachers push students to master the theories and methods of this highly relevant and thought-provoking subject. Our students rise to that challenge and find themselves in high demand for their ability to combine evidence with inspired insights.

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