Through the study of Psychology, our students work to understand the complex mental processes that dictate human behaviour.

Our Psychology staff at Dinnington High School dedicate themselves to the study and teaching of this subject and encourage our students to find ways to be able to apply their understanding of human behavior to numerous situations and use their knowledge in their everyday life. The study of Psychology allows our students to understand the way that people interact and communicate, this understanding allows them to develop their own communication skills and this is a powerful tool to help them to progress through education into the world of work. Psychology allows them to understand how and why people feel as they do; and that people are not alone in their emotions or ideas.

Dinnington High School Psychology lessons give our students a window into the actions of others, allowing them to understand the emotional drives behind human actions. Understanding these actions can give them the tools to become more adept at solving conflicts. Studying psychology has financial benefits as well. Given the excellent standard of teaching in this area our students are able to apply a broad range of skills learned in psychology class to business or social situations, making then an asset in almost any line of work.

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