School Houses

We have three active houses in Dinnington High School: Hatfield, Osborne and Segrave. Athorpe House until recently was applied to the Sixth Form but we now keep students in the same house from Y7 to Y13. Hatfield is the green part of the shield, Osborne is blue, Segrave is red and Athorpe is yellow. The names of the houses are also names for some of the buildings on the site. Each house is led by a Dean who promotes the House identity and inter-house competition. When students start at the school, parents can request their son/daughter goes into the same house they were in if they are former members of the school. Although forms are organised by years, each form belongs to a specific house.


Named after the de Segrave family who owned much of the local area in the 16th century prior to the Athorpes.

Originally from Leicestershire, a younger brother of the Segrave family: Nicholas had land and a manor in Dinnington.

Their family coat of arms was a rampant lion, originally with a crown.


Land-owners in Laughton-en-le-Morthen in the 17th century.

Originally spelt Hatfeild as you can see on the Hatfeild Arms sign.

Incorporation of a cinquefoil – a five petalled flower we now call a potentilla.


The family name of the Duke of Leeds who had property in Kiveton Park.

A heraldic tiger – has no stripes but has a black ruff and a fancy tail.


Owners of Dinnington Hall in the late 1600’s to 1700’s.

Now that same hall is a care home on Falcon Way.

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