Extended Learning & Homework

Extended Learning is work, our students complete outside lesson time on their own, in groups or with parents. It is about promoting enjoyment and wellbeing, being creative and broadening students’ experiences. Homework is just part of extended learning.

Homework can actually be completed before school, at lunchtimes or after school in homework clubs. To help parents and students keep track, all homework is put on Microsoft Teams under Assignments. Parents are emailed a weekly Digest so they ca see what homework has been set. Our Extended Learning opportunities make our students confident, independent, inter-dependent, self-disciplined and effective life-long learners. Extended learning consolidates, reinforce skills and understanding learnt in class to enable our students to devote time to particular demands, such as GCSE coursework or project work.

PlanningYour homework is planned by our teachers and communicated via Microsoft Teams
FrequencyHomework will be set as per Faculty and Whole School Principles for all key stages (frequency will vary depending on the task set).
PurposefulHomework is a continuation or introduction of classwork building on knowledge, skills and/or exam practise.
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