Product Design

Product Design is and always has been a popular and successful subject at Dinnington High School. This course is loved by many of our students, due to the enthusiasm and dedication of the teaching staff.

In these classes our students are pushed to be creative, solving real life problems and making products. Product Design is a course that improves our students’ ability to solve problems, be inventive, seek alternatives and take risks.

At Dinnington High School we view Product Design as an important subject which inspires students to be resolution focused in their work, developing skills and qualities that encourage them to test and trial their ideas. In Product Design our students become imaginative, innovative and demonstrate creative flair when working alone and alongside others.

Product Design gives our students the kinds of skills that last a lifetime. In addition to the creative aspects, Product Design allows our students to develop thinking skills, financial capability, enterprise and entrepreneurial skills, preparing them for a life beyond school walls.

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