Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

At Dinnington High School, excellent attendance and punctuality are our aims for every child. We set an attendance target of 97% as the minimum that we expect for all students.

Children who attend school regularly make better progress academically and socially. To help a child achieve full attendance, parents and carers play an important role in helping us promote good attitudes towards attendance and punctuality.

Together, it is important we ensure that children are present at every opportunity, arriving on time, and not taken out of the academy without authorisation. A child’s attendance is monitored closely by the Attendance team, and we will follow up unexplained absences with parents or carers.

Where a child’s attendance record reaches a concerning level or when there are unexplained absences, we will contact the child’s parents or carers to discuss ways in which we can support to help improve the child’s attendance.

Reporting Absence

If a child is too ill to attend school, it is important that the child’s parents or carers contact us as soon as possible.

We ask you contact us each day that your child is absent.


We ask that any appointments should not be made during school time. We understand that this is not always possible and ask on these occasions the Attendance team are informed well in advance by using the contact details above and providing evidence.

Attendance Calculator

There are 190 school days in 2023-24. Input the number of days you or your child has been absent in the Days Absent box to work out their attendance percentage.

This will then be shown as a percentage in the Projected Attendance (%) box.

Hopefully, this calculator will give you or your child an indicator of how days off can impact their personal attendance figures.

Days Absent
Projected Attendance100.00% Perfect!
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