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The Achieve Team

Knowing our students well is something we all pride ourselves on at Dinnington High School. By getting to know each child as a whole person, we can support them to achieve their best and to become a well-rounded individual.

We are frequently complimented on our warm and welcoming culture across our school. This is important to us as we uphold our core values: The Dinnington Way: kindness, respect and excellence.

Meet the Team

Senior LeadMr S Grenham, Assistant Principal
Head of AchieveMrs J Perkins
Year 7 LeaderMiss J Smith
Year 7 LeaderMr R Gardner
Year 8 LeaderMiss S McMillan
Year 8 LeaderMr S Hunter
Year 9 LeaderMr S Rhodes
Year 9 LeaderMiss R Neal/ Miss E Mennell
Year 10 LeaderMrs K Shay
Year 10 LeaderMr R Williams
Year 11 LeaderMrs C Paling
Year 11 LeaderMr S Ebbs
Sixth Form Year LeaderMrs H Rhodes
Sixth Form Year LeaderMrs J Fisher

Our Year Leader team is well supported by:

  • our Reflection Room staff for students who receive C3s in lessons
  • our Achieve Support Practitioner who oversees our Integrated Learning Zone and works with a range of students providing support and mentoring
  • our Learning and Behaviour Mentor who works with a different group of students.

All staff are trained on Restorative Practice – this is a relationship based approach that seeks to understand why a student has misbehaved and work with the student to prevent negative behaviour patterns repeating. Sometimes, it indicates an unmet need or a social and emotional issue, which is why Achieve and Engage work closely together.

We do also use sanctions such as removal from lesson, late and site defiance detentions, after-school catch up learning time, time in our Integrated Learning Zone, and suspensions. However, we think sanctions alone do not change behaviour which is why as part of Restorative Practice we try to help the students to reflect and put things right, we seek to uncover underlying issues and address them.

Very occasionally we use Permanent Exclusions as a very last resort.


You can find out more information about the rewards we offer students by going to our rewards information page.

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